Big changes are coming to Berg Bites, a health and wellness food brand located in Washington, DC. Daniel Berg, Founder and CEO of Berg Bites, announced a rebrand, new flavors, including Dark Chocolate Banana Bread and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, and the addition of pea protein to their recipes. 

Berg Bites, available in over 300 stores nationwide, are snack-sized bites and bars that utilize complex carbohydrates to satisfy hunger and give long-lasting energy. With ingredients such as oats, nuts, chia seeds and coconut oil, and prebiotic fibers, Berg Bites are incredibly nutrient-dense. With the new addition of pea-protein, the bars now contain 14g of plant-protein, and the Bites with 6g in each pack.  

What inspired the change? 

We sat down to chat with Daniel Berg on how he got his start, what motivated the updates, and why he’s so excited about pea protein.

“We would serve ‘health bites’ as a dessert to our guests. Everyone fell in love with these bites and I decided that someday, I’ll make sure this healthy treat is available for everyone,” Dan explained in how Berg Bites started. “I want to help consumers understand what they’re eating and give them healthy products that are fun, exciting, nutritious, and delicious.”

During his time at George Washington University, Dan’s mom would regularly send Dan the health bites. “We lived off the bites! In a dorm, you really don’t have many nutritious options available. The bites would fill us up and satisfy our sweet tooth.” 

Skip forward to today and not only are Berg Bites available around the country, they’ve even caught the attention of organizations like the New York Giants and the New Orleans Pelicans. “It’s always been a dream to supply Berg Bites to professional athletes,” Dan said.

Despite this early success, Dan is always looking at how he can modify his products to better serve the needs of his customers. 

“We always liked the idea of putting a crunch factor in the bars,” said Dan Berg. “But all of the protein crunchies on the market were either soy or whey based, and we wanted to keep our products vegan/dairy free.”

With no obvious replacement, the Berg Bites team had to do numerous, time-consuming experiments before eventually landing on pea-protein. Pea protein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that you need to build muscle. And it’s dairy free! 

In addition to the new base ingredient, Berg Bites is also getting a brand new look. Listening to customer feedback and hoping to get its message of healthy eating out, Berg Bites will now feature a new cleaner, more modern look.

The new and improved Berg Bites are now available for purchase in store and on their website. With a great taste and healthy ingredients, Berg Bites is perfect for those with a sweet tooth who don’t want to feel guilty about snacking.

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